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Danielle Collins

“Virtual reality helped save my life”

— Danielle Collins

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Danielle Collins was admitted to The George Washington University Hospital after being diagnosed with a rare brain condition. She had a brain bleed caused by an abnormal tangle of blood vessels. She needed surgery. Neurosurgeons at GW Hospital used advanced virtual reality technology to help save her life.

The team used VR to help plan the surgery and give Danielle a 360-degree view into her own anatomy. After the surgery, Danielle used VR again – this time to see that the procedure was a success. She’s fully recovered now and back to her active lifestyle. “The level of care I felt was unparalleled to any I’ve ever felt in my life,” she says.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

Danielle experienced the worst headache of her life. Other signs of a neurological issue may include:

  • Muscle weakness, seizures, trembling
  • Dizziness, nausea
  • Problems with memory and learning
  • Poor balance or coordination

An Innovative Surgical Tool

The VR technology at GW Hospital enables surgeons to virtually explore a patient’s brain prior to performing a procedure, much like a pilot uses a flight simulator. It can be used to help treat many neurological issues, such as aneurysms, brain tumors and vascular conditions, like Danielle’s. The technology can also be used as a teaching tool for medical students and residents.

An Advanced Surgical Tool

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